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IQF Frozen Fruit

Individually Quick Frozen (IQF)

Individual raspberries are frozen in a quick freeze tunnel at temperatures between -5 and -10 degrees Fahrenheit.  This quick freezing seals in juices and preserves the original shape and integrity of each berry.

IQF red raspberries are packed in 25 pound boxes and are available in Grade A or Grade B (Baker’s Grade, Whole & Broken). IQF berries can be used just like fresh berries. They are perfect for smoothies, baking, on cereal, in yogurt, or added to baked goods.  


All the flavor just in a smaller form!!  These small bits of raspberries are perfect for adding to a variety of baking dishes and smoothies.  

IQF is available through our subsidiary company (Active Berry Packers).  Please contact us if interested.